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La Peniche Durandal

Discover the joys of river life in the four guest rooms of

Peniche Durandal. Accommodation, relaxing and romantic and unusual stay.

Come to discover a rich and preserved region, the Canal du Midi, vineyards,

Mediteranean sea, the beach ...

Un peu d'histoire

Peniche Durandal Chambres d'hotes canam du  midi
  • Durandal is a former cargo barge built by Chantier Forges de Strasbourg in 1961.
  • She walked the waterways of North Eastern France, Benelux and Germany for almost 40 years.
  • Despite the retirement of its owners, having still so much to offer, she was ready to start a new life in the South of France.
  • We completely remodeled and refurbished for a year and a half to make a special place to stay in a totally exotic environment, like a parenthesis, the time of travel and still timeless.
  • Durandal guest rooms (rather its guest cabins), which can be rented individually, as in a classic Bed and Breakfast.

The Canal du Midi, World Heritage of Humanity

In 1996, UNESCO gave this beautiful canal the highest honor it could expect.

True recognition unanimous dedication of its beauty, its technology, and its historical value, this distinction has truly given this priceless monument in front of the world tourism stage.
It still is today, and since 1681, the catalyst of the passions, the proof of the genius of our ancestors (recognized since its construction) and a key contributor to discover one of the most beautiful regions of France.