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Les cabines

All cabins are different and yet similar, they all offer the same benefits.

Chambre d'Hotes canal du midi

All cabins have a view of the Canal


You will not find it at the edge of the Peniche Durandal.


Because it seemed to us unthinkable to stay on board without being able to admire the Canal du Midi from the bed, a separate entrance only serves two separate cabins, which allows for all cabins to give both sides of the boat.

Salle de bains privée

All cabins have a private bathroom.


Privacy is preserved.

What's more normal to have its own bathroom?

In each cabin on board, you will find a sink, a shower and a toilet.

All cabins have a double bed.


Comfort and privacy.

Whether you are alone or with,

a large bed is always more enjoyable.


Cabine d'Hote

All cabins offer 15 m²



Comfort is synonymous with space.

Everyone told us that it would not be possible, but we did it...

Each cabin has a surface area of ​​at least 14m ²